Diahann Klein and Steve Zamarripa

Diahann Klein and Steve Zamarripa

La Ventana was started in 2007 by Steve Zamarripa as a personal journey looking inward. Steve had an “awakening” and simply wanted to create a place “To Help Others”. La Ventana was formed out of this quest for meaning and a passionate life. A platform was created where professionals and dedicated staff could work towards recovery with those who suffer from the diseases.

When Steve Zamarripa, Chairman of the Board, and Diahann Klein, Chief Executive Officer, met in 2012, they each recognized a kindred spirit, one who believed in promoting the responsible search for truth and meaning within the recovery field. Both had been financially successful and found chasing money to be an empty path; both had found meaningful work in the recovery field. They had personal experience to draw upon—Steve understood the family dynamics of addiction while Diahann had personally experienced an eating disorder—and wanted to provide the highest quality of care to others suffering from these disorders.

They also shared a humanistic view of management that respected the inherent worth and dignity of each client and staff member. Diahann spent a year studying the organizational integrity of La Ventana and its mission, placing the individual before the diagnosis and high-quality care before the bottom line, before becoming a significant shareholder. The partnership of Steve and Diahann is the foundation of the LV family of intelligent, talented, and compassionate staff.

In the recovery field, the academic and research component of the clinical work is vital. Our partners believe this is simply a mandatory baseline from which professionals should launch. Every member of the La Ventana Treatment Center team goes above and beyond this knowledge: Diahann and Steve look for those who have an additional, profound understanding of the suffering that accompanies eating disorders and substance abuse. Our partners have stood in the same place of despair and fear that all of our clients and their families experience. They get it.

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