“There is hope. There is help. This is the message I want clients to hear.”

Steve Zamarripa, MBA

Chairman of the Board

Steve Zamarripa, MBAAs part of my journey to look inward for meaning and connection, I founded La Ventana Treatment Center in 2007. I had been a successful businessman for many years, but I became increasingly aware that something essential was missing. I craved a life of substance, where I could give back and make a difference. My father, uncles, and grandfather had suffered from alcoholism while my mother lived with an eating disorder that contributed to her early death.

I grew up in a household of fear and dysfunction. Despite my best efforts to change the intergenerational patterns of dysfunction that I experienced, I saw my familial relationships continue to suffer. I was living life only as a survivor until I had a spiritual awakening in 2007, which manifested my desire to create a place to help, a peaceful place to heal. La Ventana Treatment Center became that place: a home for professionals deeply invested in the recovery process, and a place for those suffering from eating disorders and substance abuse to find help.

Born and raised in Southern California, Steve earned his BA from USC and his MBA from Columbia University. Steve’s mother suffered from an eating disorder, losing her life too soon; his father’s path was fraught with alcohol addiction. Inspired by his personal experiences, he set out on a journey to help others with their eating disorders and addiction.

Steve began working in the Eating Disorder and Addiction field in 2007. Steve created La Ventana Treatment Center, an affordable recovery center, which provides excellent treatment and client care in order to support long-term recovery. La Ventana is held up by a stellar staff that carries the same passion for recovery and service that Steve does. With La Ventana Treatment Center, Steve has found a way to give back to the world, fulfilling his passion to help others live long and prosperous lives.


Diahann Klein, LMFT

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Owner

Diahann Klein, MA, LMFTDiahann offers the unique combination of extensive clinical and executive experience, as well as a personal connection to recovery, in all aspects of her leadership. She serves our community as a team leader, coordinating effective and client-focused eating disorder and substance abuse treatment at every level of care.

Diahann graduated cum laude from Middlebury College in Vermont, with a degree in Political Science and a concentration in Musical Performance. She studied Political Science at the London School of Economics and went on to pursue careers in her dual interests of both politics and entertainment in Manhattan and Los Angeles. Her personal experience with an eating disorder and subsequent recovery motivated Diahann to pursue a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, Los Angeles. Her career as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist has led to clinical work with a variety of populations and needs.

As CEO, Diahann oversees all divisions of La Ventana, including all sixteen residential eating disorder, substance abuse and detox facilities; partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient services; transitional living homes, and La Ventana’s non-profit division, La Vista. She has extensive knowledge of the comprehensive care necessary for treatment, as well as clinical experience with those struggling with eating disorders, substance abuse, and co-occurring diagnoses. Her plans for future growth and expansion are in alignment with her profound understanding of the complexities of eating disorders and addiction, supporting her commitment to comprehensive care and further advancement of ethical practices and professional standards.

Diahann is an active member of International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (iaedp), and is immediate past President of the Los Angeles Chapter. She is a member of the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists (CAMFT), the Women’s Association of Addiction Treatment (WAAT) and the Academy of Eating Disorders (AED). In her community roles, she has developed eating disorder workshops and high-level professional trainings for practitioners, and led eating disorder awareness education and intervention campaigns. Diahann believes “Witnessing and facilitating the healing process is what drives, inspires, and sustains me in every aspect of my day-to-day work.”

I grew up in New York, the daughter of a union president and a high school math and chemistry teacher, within a household that respected academic achievement and social and political activism. I worked hard to live up to what I interpreted as the highest of my familial and societal standards. I was on a relentless and endless pursuit of perfection.

I graduated with honors from a prestigious college, studied political theory at the London School of Economics, and found financial success in the real estate and entertainment industries. My life on paper appeared to be one of abundance. Simultaneously, I was desperately attempting to navigate a progressively debilitating eating disorder with secrecy and shame. I was using anything I could consume in an attempt to fill a void for which there would never be enough. Eventually I ended up in treatment, catapulted into a journey inward. My ensuing life in recovery led me to become a therapist and immersed me in eating disorder and substance abuse treatment.

As a person living in recovery, a clinician, a mother of a young girl, and a responsible member of society I am profoundly grateful that this has become my life’s work.

“There is hope. There is help. This is the message I want clients to hear. Our team has a profound understanding of the recovery experience which allows them to deeply hold space between themselves and the client. It is in this very space where clients gain trust and change manifests.”–Diahann Klein, CEO

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