buffy schlesinger
Buffy Schlesinger

Outreach Manager

With over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, Buffy is excited to be a part of the La Ventana family!  Buffy’s career has always been about connecting with people – getting to the true human layer that connects us all.  She began her career in outplacement consulting, working with folks who were transitioning between careers and needed a lot of extra TLC and encouragement.  She then landed in pharmaceutical sales where she got to bring her love of helping others into the medical arena.  By way of educating physicians, nurses and their medical staff about the pharmaceutical regimens she had the honor of representing, she was able to make an impact in patients’ lives.

After almost a decade, she then continued her career in medical sales on a much smaller scale, working on various projects in different arenas:  audiology, Durable Medical Equipment, and mental health programs.  Once again, she was able to use her real love of people and the differences we all have to connect and make a difference for patients.

Most recently, Buffy went through her own personal journey and change and discovered the magic of bikram yoga and meditation.  She saw how powerful it could be to be present, turn inward, and face her own issues and manage them head-on instead of turning away from them.  This awareness combined with her genuine love for people and connection is what makes Buffy an integral part of our team.

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