“There is hope. There is help. This is the message I want clients to hear.”
Team Climbing

Team Climbing


Our La Ventana Professional StaffPartners

The La Ventana treatment team consists of dedicated and compassionate professionals who are highly trained with an understanding of substance abuse and eating disorders. They are here to help our clients which results in an individualized treatment plan for each client entering our treatment center.

La Ventana Treatment Center’s interdisciplinary team includes

  • Medical Doctors with specializations in Addiction Psychiatry
  • Marriage and Family Therapists in personal, group, and family psychotherapy sessions
  • Addiction Counselors and other specialists leading psychoeducational and experiential groups
  • Registered Dietitians supporting all aspects nutritional plans and education
  • Registered Nurses specializing in eating disorder treatment
  • Licensed Vocational Nurses specializing in eating disorder treatment

Our client to staff ratio is low, offering personal connection, support, and accountability at every step. Recovery requires a close knit team in constant communication to support each client’s unique needs and challenges.



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