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The best clinical outcomes for substance abuse clients who also face disordered eating issues comes from treating all symptoms, and the underlying psychological causes, concurrently. Our nationally recognized Signature Integrated Treatment Program addresses this need.

La Ventana’s intake process includes comprehensive physical, psychological, dietary, and addiction assessments that allow our multidisciplinary team to tailor concurrent addiction and eating disorder treatment. This integrated treatment addresses the intersection of substance abuse behavior and eating disorder symptoms, teaching clients to become mindful of behavioral patterns and gain the tools to prevent future relapse.

As part of integrative treatment, our Registered Dietitians work one-on-one with clients to address the unique intersection of eating disorder behavior and addiction in weekly sessions. Clients receive personal meal plans, dietary support, and therapy tailored to their unique needs. Our multi modal clinical philosophy embraces the nutritional components of recovery and healing: regular cooking classes, nutritional groups, and food centered experentials are integral to programing.

Our treatment team supports clients in nurturing their relationship with their bodies, honoring feelings of ambivalence, and developing trust within themselves and toward others. Our philosophy believes that all foods fit and that healthy bodies exist along a continuum: our goal is to support our clients in all aspects of nourishment. La Ventana offers weekly dietitian sessions with a nutrition specialist, including customized meal plans, for those that can benefit from these individualized services

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