La Ventana’s Eighteen Bed Residential Treatment facilities offer a warm and welcoming environment for the highest level of treatment in our Eating Disorder consortium of care. Program is done in our houses and is staffed 24 hours per day 7 days a week with doctors, nurses, therapists, dietitians, resident advisors, housing staff, cooks, activity coordinators and outside professionals.

We have a beautiful six bed facility in Santa Barbara overlooking the mountains with views of the ocean and a nice off shore breeze running through the house. Our Thousand Oaks facilities consist of two beautiful six bed houses nestled in the quaint neighborhoods of the city voted one of the top ten safest cities in America. The environment has a family like warmth in the house offering a safe location to open up your feelings and begin your recovery.

All clients must forego a medical clearance prior to admission at the residential facility and once admitted they will see the medical doctor at La Ventana assuring their physical health is monitored and maintained at a healthy status upon entering the program and throughout their stay.

The psychiatrist will meet with each client weekly to manage their psychiatric medication and address the symptoms of any co-occurring mental health issues.

The professional La Ventana team consisting of our medical doctor, psychiatrist, therapists, nursing staff, dietitians, and resident advisors all collaborate in our weekly “Treatment Team Meeting” to discuss each individual client’s needs and assure we are offering the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art, individually tailored, and holistic treatment available to our clients.

La Ventana’s Residential atmosphere is nurturing and provides a secure and protected setting where client’s feel safe to confront the challenges that face recovery . Our houses are sanctuaries that embody an environment of support, safety and sensibility. We provide a space to both honor the discomfort and challenge the familiar.

The foundation of our approach is based on weaving the elements necessary for recovery through treatment on a moment-by-moment basis. We support clients in nurturing their relationship with awareness, honoring feelings of ambivalence, developing trust within themselves and toward others, eliminating destructive behaviors, balancing nutrition with healthy eating and exercise, and providing coping skills for psychological and emotional issues that put them at risk with their eating disorder.

We are holistic, treating both the mind and the body in relation to the given environment. As we work towards empowerment and balance, we create space for acceptance and a life filled with meaning. We promote an awareness for each client to assist their understanding of their eating disorder and how it has negatively affected their lives. We instill personal recovery and provide the tools necessary for clients to appreciate their life, their body, their relation with food, and their recovery. .

All this is done in our highest level of care in our beautiful Residential Facilities.

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