La Ventana’s approach to eating disorder treatment is individually tailored, culturally sensitive, and grounded in evidence-based research. Much of our eating disorder recovery program is informed by the sensorimotor psychotherapy lens, which helps clients reclaim their bodies and work through both trauma and attachment issues that lead to disordered eating. Our multidisciplinary team expertly craft individual treatment plans that include psychiatric and medical care; individual, family, and group psychotherapy; and dietetic services with Registered Dietitians. Our treatment reestablishes the lost connection between the body and mind that is symptomatic of eating disorders and trauma through community, relationship, and normalized eating. We support and monitor health enhancing exercise which focuses on joyful movement and the re-establishment of the mind-body connection.

We teach clients to re-engage with their bodies on the most basic of levels by attuning to hunger and fullness cues. In treatment, clients learn to give themselves permission to eat the foods they desire in a manner that nourishes their bodies, minds, and souls. We seek to heal food deprivation, neutralize clients’ perception of foods, and banish the use of moralizing terms to describe food such as “good,” “bad,” “junk” or “clean.” Clients work one-on-one with Registered Dietitians to target individual nutritional needs that promote long-term self-care, self-acceptance, and self-worth.


Our Dietary Philosophy

La Ventana seeks to empower each person who comes through our doors to fully separate from their eating disorder and move into a space of recovery, including their relationship with food. We provide opportunities to explore this new relationship at each level of care, through nutrition education, experientials, and one-on-one nutrition therapy counseling.

La Ventana firmly believes that all foods can be included in one’s overall food intake. Through dining out, take out, cooking classes, and snack experientials, we expose each client to what is seemingly fearful about the foods they are avoiding and/ or binging on, and we seek to habituate each client to these foods, rebuilding their trust in their own selves and bodies.

Residential Setting: At our intimate, home-like Residential Treatment Centers, the clients have the opportunity to practice recovery each morning while making breakfast with staff support. Each snack is hand-picked themselves with guidance from dietary staff. Our on-site kitchen staff cooks lunch and dinner, assuring each client has what they need to appropriately nourish themselves. In our dietitian-led restaurant meal outing, the clients are assisted in making recovery-oriented choices to support their new relationship with food. Fun and informative cooking classes are a focus at this level of care, to ensure each client is well-equipped to step into the next phase of their recovery journey.

Outpatient Setting: At this phase of their recovery, it is of vital importance to allow each client to fully experience where they are in their recovery. PHP level of care has lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner support, while IOP steps down into lunch or dinner and snack support. Snacks are provided, while meals are brought in by the clients to afford them the opportunity and challenge of practicing their own cooking and shopping skills. Menu planning group assists each client in planning for the week and encouraging flexibility – living life “on life’s terms,” even with the food. Restaurant outings and mindful snack experientials are integral to our clients’ success at helping them deepen and broaden their recovery.

Our Registered Dietitians work with each client on an individual basis to create meal plans that allow clients to challenge their eating disorder and work towards fully normalized eating and a relationship with food and their bodies that is loving and respectful.

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